FEATURED: Cymatics

10 Nov, 2017


10 Oct, 2017


26 Jul, 2017

FEATURED: Georganic

18 Jan, 2017


Down the Rabbit Hole

    When was the last time you learned something new that truly rocked your socks off and changed the way you looked at the world? I’m talking about an acquirement of knowledge that actually made you feel excited and fortunate that you were able to learn of its existence.…

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The Bearded Man Who Came Out Of My Pen

My drawings have always been done in pencil. I needed that ability to erase and redraw indefinitely in a quest for perfection and any attempts to restrain myself from these endless revisions always failed. I drew all the time when I was younger, usually attempting to replicate animals, people, or…

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Sound in Space

CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE   You know the quote. “In space, no one can hear you scream.” I was always taught that in order for sound to travel, there has to be molecules for it to travel through. In the vacuum of space there are vast areas between stars and…

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